Indian media blames Pakistan of ‘attacking India with heat wave’

Indian media hits a new absurd low after blaming Pakistan for 'attacking India with heat wave' as the Indian heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius.

An Indian boy tries to cool off by dousing himself with water in New Delhi on May 29, 2019 during a heatwave


As the weather becomes unforgiving and brutal, Indian media is again hitting Pakistan and using it as a scapegoat. Weather severity remained a hot discussion topic in among the neighbours past week as temperatures passed 50 degrees Celsius (122 Fahrenheit) in northern India. As a consequence, the unrelenting heatwave triggered warnings of water shortages and heatstroke.

As the weather department said, the thermometer hit 50.6 degrees Celsius (123 Fahrenheit) in the Rajasthan desert city of Churu over the weekend, asking for desperate measures to accommodate people. The unbearing heat and water shortages bring the lives of hundreds of people at risk. However, Indian media has come up with a traditional remedy for it – blame Pakistan and move on.

Interesting reactions emerged after a short clip of Indian media blaming Pakistan’s for ‘sending’ heat wave and blaming it to counteract the rising criticism went viral.

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The video was shared on multiple platforms and Pakistan’s favourite white comedian Jeremy McLellan also commented on it.

”Pakistan is attacking India with hot weather” – he wrote, hilariously mocking the clip and Indian media’s paranoia.

Here is the video:

People also took a hilarious dig at the situation, mocking how Pakistan has hijacked Indian media’s senses.

India, particularly all of Rajasthan suffered in severe heat with several cities hitting maximum temperatures above 47 Celsius. The situation continues to worsen. Several deaths from heatstroke have already been recorded.

Several major cities, particularly those led by Chennai, have reported fears of water shortages as lakes and rivers start to dry up. In the western state of Maharashtra, farmers are struggling to find water for thirsty animals and crops. However, the Indian government remains inactive, garnering a lot of criticism.

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