‘Indian politicians are scared of Imran Khan due to his popularity in India’ – Ram Subramanian

Indian artist Ram Subramanian says that Indian polticias are scared of Imran Khan because of his popularity and following in India.


Popular Indian ad-maker, artist and activist Ram Subramanian shared what he felt seeing Imran Khan on the display section of Vijay Sales Showroom in Mumbai. Talking to his social media platform, Ram voice his opinions about why he thinks Indian politicians are afraid of Imran Khan as despite the bitterness, Indians have a soft corner for him and idealise him.

In a series of tweets, Ram said that when he visited Vijay Sales Showroom in Mumbai, he couldn’t resist his attention from getting distracted from the display section. While all others had screensavers on them, one displayed Imran Khan talking.

Seeing at it, Ram said he realised why Indian politicians are afraid of Imran Khan. He said he can transcend their hate narratives because of the love Indian people have for him.

Ram added that as long as Indians love cricket, they will continue to look up to Imran Khan and it will be a death to the hate narrative which is a tool for political manipulation.

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Ram said that as long as the love of cricket and Imran Khan remains in hearts of Indians, the call for ‘war’ will be ineffective and will continue to fail because you can’t go at war with someone you love.

He concluded saying Imran Khan is not only Pakistan’s saviour, but he is also a hope for peace lovers in India. Here is what Ram said:

”Yesterday I was at Vijay Sales Showroom in Mumbai and saw this happen. Every TV in the display section showed some screensaver except one. It had Imran Khan talking on it. I guess it’s easy to understand why some among Indian politicians dislike him.

He can transcend their narratives and agendas. Imran, probably, is the most popular, loved and respected Pakistan face. As long as people of India like cricket, Imran Khan will be remembered fondly. And if you like someone you cannot go to war with them.”

”If you do, there will be a larger conflict within you. Imran Khan is not just the leader that Pakistan desperately needed to save itself, he is also the leader that India needed on the other side of the fence. A restless, angry India that is looking for peace within itself”, Ram concluded. 

People also appreciated Ram’s neutral approach and shared their opinions:

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