Indian Reporting Source Calls Uri’s Trailer ‘Toxic Hyper-nationalism’

India Pakistan decades-old rivalry may have damaged both countries but has benefitted Bollywood that has always profited on anti-Pakistan sentiment. A by-product of such attitude is recent movie ”URI” – which has apparently already gained a lot of popularity among the nationalists or should we say, ‘Modi Bhakats’ prior to elections.

Paresh Rawal and Vicky Kaushal starrer ‘Uri’ is based on 2016 surgical strikes, which Indian army ‘claims’ they carried out in Pakistan in response to an act of terrorism in Kashmir.

“19 unarmed military soldiers were martyred at the Uri base camp Kashmir” – says the title, setting the ground for the entire hypothetical storyline. Kaushal plays a weary soldier, who vows to revenge the death of his fellow army men.

The dialogues like ‘they want Kashmir, we want their heads’ show the sort of manipulative tactics being used to profit on national sentiments, which is nothing unordinary. However, what is unordinary is the time of the release of the movie – which aligns perfectly with General Elections 2019 in India.

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India’s independent reporting source, known for their critical review on Bollywood, ‘The Wire’ shared similar sentiments. Tanya Jha writes that the film is a free BJP advertisement for the upcoming polls.

In her article ‘Uri’ Trailer: Brace Yourselves, More Toxic Hyper-Nationalism is Coming, Tanya writes:

”The film’s timing will help the BJP market the surgical strike in the 2019 elections as its unique contribution to Indian security — a claim belied by similar army actions taken under previous governments”

Credibility is another question, however, the glorification of bloodshed is a new low for Bollywood profiting on anti-Pakistan sentiment. Needless to say, the review has triggered the hyper-nationalists and they responded, condemning the reporting source.

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