Indian Sikhs Seeking Self-determination through ‘Punjab Referendum’

Sikh leaders say India has been working globally to stop the referendum.

Liberation movements have started to gain momentum in the Indian Punjab. The Punjab Referendum Commission and other Sikh organizations have been working for the secession of Punjab.  A special conference will be held in London today (18th of November) on the referendum’s modalities for the sovereignty of Punjab.

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Indian Sikhs Seeking Self-Determination Through ‘Punjab Referendum’
Indian Sikhs Seeking Self-Determination Through ‘Punjab Referendum’

The Sikhs for Justice and other organizations call for a separate Khalistan- an autonomous Sikh homeland- from India. The conference to be held is titled “Self-determination and what it means for Sikhs around the world: Towards a Punjab referendum.”

The conference will be moderated by an organization called the White House Consultancy. It will be attended by the Punjab Referendum Commission Chairman, Dan Waters, members of the British Parliament, as well as Sikh community leaders from the UK, the US, and Canada.


The main agenda behind the referendum has been the right of Sikhs to self-determination. The procedure and date of the referendum will be announced during the conference.

In this regard, Sikh leaders say that the massacre of Sikhs has been going on in India since 1947, and the voice of the Sikh community in the country is being suppressed. In such circumstances, the establishment of the Punjabis’ own state is inevitable. The Punjab Referendum Commission will bring together prominent political experts worldwide to consider the modalities of the referendum for Punjab.

The referendum is expected to be held in 20 countries worldwide, where a large population of Sikhs has taken refuge from the persecution of the Indian government.

Sikh leaders say India has been working globally to stop the referendum. In the Indian Punjab, officials of the Sikhs for Justice Organization have been declared terrorists, and their properties are being confiscated. According to Sikhs, the referendum is essential for peace in the region and restoration of Punjabis human rights.

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