Indian submarine worth $3 billion destroyed due to human error

India's first nuclear-missile submarine has been “out of commission” due to a human error.

Indian submarine INS Arihant crippled after human error.


Indian submarine is out of order for two years, allowing to a human error. $2.9 billion INS Arihant went out of order only a few days after it was introduced to Indian naval fleet. Moreover, it happened due to a minor human error.

According to an Indian reporting source, The Hindu, the Indian submarine faced significant damage due to the human fault. The $3 million submarine is out of order because a hatch was left open ‘by mistake’.

Why is the Indian submarine ‘out of bounds’?

As per the said reporting source, the initial investigations have additionally revealed that the vessel’s external hatches remained unlocked when t submerged. It correspondingly allowed water to enter into submarine’s propulsion compartment. Furthermore, it lead to the destruction of the submarine’s internal equipment.

“Water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake” – read the report on the issue. 

Moreover, the incident happened right after the submarine’s launch in February 2017. Since then, the Indian submarine “has been undergoing repairs and clean up” – as the report says.

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Work in progress:

In addition to all the repair work of Indian submarine, the pipes are being cut open and replaced as well. Identically voicing his views, Kyle Mizokami, the author of Popular Mechanics comments on the state of the submarine.

Indian authorities ordered the pipe replacement because they likely felt that pipes exposed to corrosive seawater couldn’t be trusted again, particularly pipes that carry pressurized water coolant to and from the ship’s 83-megawatt nuclear reactor.

With being a financial loss, the state of the Indian submarine caused merely by a human error have made it the topic of discussion on the global front as well.


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