Indian, Touched By Hospitality Of Uber Driver In Lahore, Shares His Experience On Twitter

Pakistan and India, the harsh rivals, have seen an improvement in their mutual relationships as the tensions numb down after Kartarpur corridor landmark inauguration. Peace lovers from both countries are preaching to bring the two neighbours closer and want the people to see each other with the cultural similarities they share rather than the political differences.

Pakistanis are proudly known for their hospitality and welcoming attitude towards the foreign visitors and this incredible fellow countryman didn’t disappoint either with this warm gesture that melted the heart of an Indian visitor.

Today, a Sikh gentleman who was visiting Pakistan from across the border shared his experience with an Uber driver in Lahore, whose generosity, respect and hospitality touched him.

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Prabhdeep Singh says that he has travelled in Uber in 5 continents but had the best experience in Pakistan. Not only the driver Ahmed spoke about speak and love on their brief journey, but he also refused to take any money for the ride as he was a guest and waited till he crossed the Wagah Border.

”I have taken Uber in 5 continents but my best Uber experience was earlier this week in Pakistan. Ahmed dropped me to Wagah border from Lahore. Refused to take money because I am an Indian and a guest. Waited till I crossed the border. Spoke about love and brotherhood” – he wrote. 

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