WATCH: Indian TV anchor refers to China’s PLA as “Pakistan Liberation Army” on live broadcast

The anchor referred to a screen display, which read the "PLA War Model" when the baffling mistake occurred.

Navika Kumar, an anchor on an Indian channel, The Times Now, referred to the People’s Liberation Army, the armed forces of the People’s Republic of China, as the “Pakistan Liberation Army” on a live broadcast on television.

This inaccuracy, which has given the existence to an occasion of entertainment on social media in Pakistan, seems to have occurred due to an erroneous assumption that the acronym PLA refers to Pakistan.

The anchor referred to a screen display, which read the “PLA War Model” when the baffling mistake occurred. She can be heard telling this as the “Pakistan Liberation Army War Model” and stated it as “just a photocopy of what Ladakh is (currently) looking like.”

The Ladakh dispute:

China and India are currently facing a stand-off at Ladakh over the disputed territory, which is claimed by both states and is administered by India. Since May, both sides have deployed thousands of their troops along the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Interestingly, commentators have often written of the jingoism involved in a breathless “war situation” coverage by Indian private TV channels for increasing their viewership against the fierce competition.

Times Now is a 24/7 English language news channel in India. It is operated and owned by The Times Group and was launched in 2006 in partnership with Reuters. Until 2016, it was India’s most popular and most viewed English language channel.

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