Indian website ‘auctions’ Muslim women, screenshots leaked!

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In a disturbing turn of events, many Muslim women were left frightened when they saw their pictures, names, and Twitter handles on an Indian website’s ‘auction list.’ 

The app’s name also refers to Muslim women as ‘sulli’- it is derogatory slang for Muslim women.

The website profiled Muslim women, mostly artists, journalists, analysts, activists, and researchers, and put them up “for auction.” A majority of the women were Indian; however, females of other nationalities, including Pakistan, were also named.”

The app, which was uploaded on repository hosting service GitHub, has been taken down by the platform after outrage on social media. 

The app sent shockwaves among the victims, and many women showed anger, disbelief, and fear when they saw their pictures being shared with the label ‘deal of the day.’ 

One of the malicious campaign victims, Fatima Khan, took to Twitter to share her horror.

She tweeted, “I didn’t check Twitter last night. I woke up this morning to realize my name, along with many Muslim women, was up on GitHub as “Sulli Deals.” Thankfully when the news came to me, it was taken down. However, just the screenshots sent shivers down my spine.”

Another victim, Saniya Sayed, tweeted, “A group of men made a database of Muslim women and named it “Sulli Deals.” Pictures of Muslim women, including mine, were shared on the platform. It is a case of trafficking, which is lawfully and morally wrong.”

An FIR has been filed because of a complaint received on the National Cybercrime Reporting Portal against the Sulli Deals Mobile App.

The Delhi Police’s Cyber Cell said,” Notices have been sent to GitHub to share relevant details, and the investigation into the matter is underway.”

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