Indians Are ‘Heartbroken’ After A Pakistani Exposes How Famous Bollywood Songs Were Copied From Pakistan

Bollywood has developed into a massive industry with global recognition. And without any rivalry or competitive feeling, they do have developed some masterpieces when it comes to music and movies.
But we have to break it to them  – not all of the songs they have enjoyed, appreciating their singers, are not original. Most of these evergreen classic songs have been copied by Pakistan, and that too without giving proper credits.

The situation is quite unfortunate as it’s disrespectful to the original owners of the songs, but what’s more disappointing is some of these songs trace back to early 90’s and in all these years, no one considered this element even after so many years.

A music enthusiast from Attock, however, busted it through a viral thread on Twitter. India Times spoke about the thread saying:

‘’The shocking Twitter thread has gone viral and broken hearts of many Indians who are wondering if there is any Indian song that is not copied from anywhere. Or maybe Pakistanis have a time machine that allowed them to travel into future and copy Hindi songs’’

*laughs* Good humor India Times!

Taimoor Zaman, the pioneer of this viral thread, also expressed that the first song was copied by Bollywood back in 1970. The industry firstly copied an original song of Madam Noor Jahan.


Without any further due, let’s get into the viral thread that broke India’s hearts:


And we saved best for the last. See Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan giving the ‘best copy’ award to Bollywood directors in an old interview. 

Art and music definitely don’t have any boundaries and belong to everyone, but it is unfair to the talent of those to whom these masterpieces originally belong. Especially taking full credits of copied songs is unjust, disrespectful and unethical in all the connotations.

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