Indians infuriated as Jeremy McLellan ‘cancels’ trip following BJP victory

American comedian Jeremy McLellan announced to cancel his five week long trip to India after BJP's win - irking Indian followers.

Jeremy in Pakistan


Unexpectedly, expectedly – BJP has secured victory with a heavy margin. Modi’s war hysteria and Pulwama episode have synced well with the people and BJP emerged victorious with a 2/3rd majority and overwhelming votes from Muslim majority states particularly.

After the results showed an obvious tilt towards BJP and it appeared obvious that the next five years belong to Modi as well, Pakistan’s favourite American comedian Jeremy McLellan hit back with his satire.

Jeremy McLellan took to twitter and announced to cancel his five days long trip to India after BJP’s win – irking Indian followers. Though Jeremy’s fondness of Pakistan has been no secret and he has always been very vocal with his support for the people and admiration for the culture, it didn’t sit well with her Indian fans this time.

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Taking to Twitter, Jeremy said he has cancelled his five days long trip to India following BJP victory. He also went on to apologize to everyone who bought tickets to his show, saying he ‘can’t support this’. Concluding, he said he will opt out to go to Pakistan instead.

Because of Modi’s victory in the elections I have decided to cancel my upcoming 5-week tour in India. I apologize to everyone who bought tickets to my shows but I can’t support this. Will have to go to Pakistan instead.

The reaction, however, was quite harsh form the Indian side. Not only did they appear unhappy with his statements, but they also resorted to abusing and personal attacks. Jeremy shared the tweets as well.

Following the Twitter outcry, Jeremy said that India has now banned him from doing the show but he is going to ‘do it anyway’ if he can get past the radar. Jeremy again made a hilarious jab at Modi’s stance on Pulwama and his famous ‘radar’ statement.

Nonetheless, no matter how much it annoyed the Indians, Pakistanis seemed to really enjoy his hilarious take on the Indian elections.



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