Indians Praise Pakistan’s Judiciary For Their Role In Zainab Rape Case, Ask Their Own Country To Follow

We, as a nation with perspective to collective societal behaviours, have a habit of forgetting our own ordeals. But in this particular case, nation remembered and claimed their right to justice.

After months of protests, condemnation, nationwide uproar and social media protests, Zainab rape and murder case are finally having its concluded showdown, with an expectation that it will serve as an example for the rest of these sexual predators.

The anti-terrorism court has issued death warrants of Imran Shah, the murder and rapist of seven-year-old Zainab, who was brutalised and then thrown on the garbage heap. Violent protests were also recorded in Punjab’s Kasur – where the world previously witnessed the world child abuse scandal. The protest also claimed the lives of two people who were on the streets demanding justice for the affected minor.

According to the ordered issued by Anti-terrorism court Judge Sheikh Sajjad Ahmed, the criminal’s death sentence will be carried out on 17th October at Lahore’s Central Jail.

Imran Ali was also linked with nine other rape-cum-murder cases of the minors recorded in the same demographic area.

“Today’s warrants were issued after President Arif Alvi rejected Ali’s appeal for clemency in the Zainab case on 10 October” – said Prosecutor Abdul Rauf Watoo. 

On 17th January, the courts gave him one life term, four counts death penalty, 7-year jail term and a 4.1 million fine. The four death penalties were given for raping, kidnapping, murdering a girl and for committing an act of terrorism which is punishable under Section 7 of ATA (Anti Terrorism Act).

In total, Imran Ali has been sentenced to 21 counts of death, cumulative 23 years in jail and three life sentences. The speedy court trial and deserved punishment have gained the appreciation for the woke role of the judiciary in this particular case have gained massive admiration from neighbouring country India as well.  Here is what Indians said:

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