India’s exports to the UAE are more than Pakistan’s exports to the whole world

The ambassador of UAE to India has stated that Kashmir is an internal issue of India.


  • India’s exports to the UAE are greater than Pakistan’s whole exports to the world.

  • FM Qureshi said UAE has a right to tie a strong bilateral relationship with any country of the world.

  • The muted response has been observed from the Gulf countries on the recent issue of Kashmir.

UAE and India have a history of strong relations when it comes to trade. The mutual connection between India and the UAE is not only deep-rooted but also prolific and ready for more growth. Pakistan’s entire exports to the world are less than India’s only exports to the UAE.

In 2017, Pakistan exported $24.8 billion to the whole world, while India just exported $28 million only to the United Arab Emirates.

The top export destinations of India are the United States (544.3B), the UAE ($28B) and china (14.8B) on the other hand the top export destinations of Pakistan are the United States ($3.5B), Germany($1.9B), and China ($1.85B).

India’s trade with GCC countries saw magnificent development and grew over the past 12 months at the rate of 5.49pc and making it $41.55 billion in total in the department of exports. Among the GCC countries, UAE is considered as a significant chunk of India’s exports with $29.77 billion in FY19.

‘India has the right to maintain bilateral ties’


In response to the reaction to India-UAE relations and Modi’s recent visit to the United Arab Emirates Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that UAE and any other country has a right to have bilateral connections with any country. Recently Modi was also awarded the UAE’s highest civilian honor, “Order of Zaid” amid Kashmir crisis.

Although Muslims living in Indian occupied Kashmir are greatly affected by the decision of Modi, a largely muted response from the Gulf Arab nation has been seen.

In particular, the ambassador of UAE to India has stated that Kashmir is an internal issue of India.

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  • What about all our Iqma holders exports to these countries. Shouldn’t that be worth something?

    Or these Iqama holders disgraced the nation and impacted our capability to reach these markets?

  • Pakistan has not seen anybody better than Gen. Musharaf. He is a true visionary!

    Nawaz and Zardari destroyed pak industry but Khan is not making it yet. He is just wasting time in show off!

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