India’s Kanjarbhat’s Community: Where Brides Have To Pass A ‘Virginity Test’ – Watch Video

When the world has finally decided to move forward by abandoning the practices that are disrespectful to any human being regardless of gender or social status and throwing away the orthodox approach, there still in some parts of the world, traces of these worn out traditions that continue to humiliate humanity every single day.

Previously, we have talked about Bulgaria’s brides market that is still continued till this day but unfortunately, that is one of the several customs that have prevailed and have survived showing no flexibility to the developing societies. Among these is the virginity test for brides, that is still adopted by India’s Kanjarbhat community. A member of the community says:
‘’Virginity test is a character certificate of the woman even the bride keeps the cloth with her blood stains as a memento of pride’’ (Source: The Indian Express)

The awful tradition caught the world’s attention after a viral video made it through social media’s platform. The video shot by an Arts student, Siddhanth has live footage of the test being performed. In the video, an elderly man of the community announces’Maal khara hai’’ that means that the woman is good and pure.

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Siddhanth said that his Uncle and Aunt, Aruna and Krishna Indrekar refused to take the test and fought against the tradition. The couple said that after closely examining and studying about it, they have reached the conclusion that the female bodies vary and don’t always react the same way. Hence, the test is nothing but a disrespect to an individual as well as this sacred relationship. They went for a registered court marriage that led to them being abandoned by their own families as well.

Fighters Against The Tradition: Krishna And Aruna Indrekar

He told that anyone who tries to take a stance against it is subjected to a social boycott by the community. Once a woman refused to accept the decision of the panchayat that declared her characterless on her wedding night. After months of hearings, when they couldn’t reach a logical conclusion they asked her to hold a burning metal ball in her hands and said that if she’s pure, she won’t burn herself. Obviously, her hands were burnt and she was declared guilty. (Source: Aljazeera)

India is leading a fight to ban this humiliating custom and has started raising voice against it. However, until the day they are successful in it, thousands of women have already fallen prey to it without any filter of ‘guilty’ or innocent.

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