Inhumane conditions in Taftan quarantine raises concerns amid COVID19 outbreak

People currently in the taftan camp complained of unclean living conditions at the facility, which is accommodating hundreds of people.


Pakistan has reported its biggest  -day spike in coronavirus infections, taking the count to 184. These figures come amid reports of ineffective isolation procedures as 134 are recorded to have been kept at a quarantine camp at the Taftan border crossing with Iran.

According to the government, no deaths due to the coronavirus have been recorded.

People currently in the Taftan camp told a source they were not adequately screened for the virus or treated for present conditions. They also complained of unclean living conditions at the facility, which is accommodating hundreds of people.

This video of a quarantine centre in Taftan shows the appalling conditions there. This is a breeding ground for disease, not a facility to control its spread. Video via @shamshad_bhutto

Posted by Bilal Farooqi on Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Under the current measures, those released from the camp are being kept for further 14 days in their home provinces in distinct quarantine accommodations, where they will be tested if they show symptoms of the virus.

A provincial government spokesperson in Baluchistan denied the claims that conditions were insufficient at the camp and said staff were continuously observing those in isolation for symptoms.

Baluchistan government spokesperson, Liaquat Shahwani, said, “The World Health Organization (WHO) protocol calls for a 14-day compulsory quarantine. People can still develop signs after 14 days, or even 28 days. It varies from case to case.”

Inhumane Conditions at the Camp


Amir Ali, a travel agent who was brought to the camp on March 3rd, said, “We are living in tents, with up to five people to a tent because of limited space. There are not enough toilets or water and the process for screening is not as the government is claiming.”

According to Government data, since last month, more than 4,500 people have been held at the quarantine camp. Out of which, 1,822 had been discharged to their home districts, while more than two thousand remain at the camp.

The 119 cases verified in Sindh province were among the 1,822 people who were cleared last week from the camp.

Ali said, “They used the thermometer on us the first day of arrival from Iran. Since then, they have not examined us at all. There is no one available here to provide treatment if people have signs or any other infections.”

Other people at the quarantine camp echoed Ali’s concerns.

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