Innovative solution to fight COVID-19: Indian Railways to convert trains into isolation wards

As the demand for quarantine facilities increase with rising cases in India, Indian Railways came up with a brilliant idea!

As the COVID-19 cases in India hit almost a 1000 mark, the situation appears to be worsening there. To cater to the increasing need for quarantine facilities, Indian Railways has come up with a brilliant solution!

Indian Railways is devising a plan to turn its train coaches into quarantine hubs. Following a nation-wide lockdown of transport services, Railways pitched that the transporter can effectively park coaches in places where there is a power facility and access to a pantry.


How will it be done?

Indian Railways says that these coaches will be divided into sections with space for at least nine patients per coach. Each coach has nine segments, with six berths each.

After the identification of such coaches, Indian Railways would clean them and disinfect them, turning them into quarantine facilities. Not only can they be effectively administered, but it would help the healthcare system as well.

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  • Shiekh Rashid can draw a lesson from this. Even the no of goods train boggies are lying there needlessly at PQA and KPT and various other stations in the country. The admin arrangements would however be needed for water sanitation and food. 400 suchboggies were once calculated to be at KPT alone

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