Insaf Sehat Card saves 28 years old Seerat Nagar


Sehat_insaf card
Seerat Nagar life has been saved under the flagship program of Insaf Sehat Card. She undergoes a kidney transplant in the hospital of Peshawar.


The flagship program of Insaf Health card has saved the life of Seerat Nagar. Both of her kidneys were subjected to failure prior to her treatment in the North West General Hospital Peshawar. She’s been operated successfully under the supervision of Dr. Sartaj Alam.

While talking to ARY News she thanked for the timely medical assistance. She especially thanked Health Minister Dr. Hashim and Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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She appreciated the positive step of the Sehat Insaf Card by the prime minister as it facilitates the poor people of the province. It makes it possible for people belonging to lower economic brackets to avail quality healthcare.

The cardholders are able to get free treatment for up to 0.5 million rupees. Recently, the chief executive of the country had announced an increase in the amount of Sehat Card from 520,000 rupees to 720,000 rupees.

How does it work?

One who holds a Sehat Insaf Card has to visit any of the public or private hospitals. The private hospital is required to have an attachment with the Insaf Program. The payments for the treatment will be deducted from the card. This covers almost all the major diseases.

How to use Sehat Insaf Card?

SMS your national identity card number to 8500 to check your eligibility for the Sehat program. You may get your Insaf Card if you stand eligible for it. Collect it from the nearest card distribution centre. Accompany your Sehat Card, CNIC or birth certificate while visiting the hospital to get treated through Sehat Card.

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