Inside of the Kaaba: the center of Islam’s most sacred place of worship [SEE PICTURES]

According to sources, The wood used in the Kaaba's interior was put there by the Holy Prophet's(PBUH) companion, Abdullah bin Zubair.

Inside of the Kaaba

The Kaaba is a sacred site located near the center of the Great Mosque, the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca. It is a place of worship and is considered by Muslims worldwide to be the most sacred place on the Earth.

Muslims turn themselves towards the Kaaba during the five daily prayers,  bow their head facing its meridian, and hope to perform the pilgrimage known as Hajj according to the command set out in the Quran.

Inside of the Kaaba

In an area of nearly 180 meters square, the Kaaba contains three wooden columns which hold its ceiling.

Inside of the KaabaAccording to sources, The wood used in the Kaaba’s interior was put there by the Holy Prophet’s(PBUH) companion, Abdullah bin Zubair.

The wooden columns are more than 1,350 years old and are dark brown. The circumference of each column is about 150 centimeters, while the diameter is 44 centimeters.

Each column has a squared wooden base. There is a pillar between these three columns that pass through them, and its sides extend to the southern and northern walls.

Inside of the Kaaba

The Kaaba has a door with a unique lock leading to its ceiling. There is a beautiful silk drape that has gold and silver engravings on the door.

Inside of the Kaaba

The floor of Kaaba is made of marble. However, the walls are made of colorful and embellished marble. The Kaaba’s interior is engulfed with a red silk curtain with white-embroidered texts and Allah’s names. This curtain also covers the Kaaba’s ceiling.

Inside the Kaaba, there are eight stones adorned with Arabic calligraphy. The calligraphy was done after the 6th century AH with valuable and colorful pieces of marble. The beautiful intricacies of the Kaaba interior can hold the sight of any onlooker, sending them in awe. 

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