Instagram influencer comes under fire for 'posing' while Hafeez Center was burning down to ground

The influencer covered all the day’s happenings and shared the sad event’s images with her 5,000 followers.

Recently, The Hafeez Center, one of Asia’s most prominent electronic markets, was engulfed in a raging fire, which left many Pakistanis devastated. Business owners suffered the losses of millions as their shops were entirely wrecked.

Amongst all the chaos and grief of the unstoppable fire stood Fatima Nasir, an Instagram influencer, who posed at the tragic site for pictures for about 15 hours. The influencer covered all the day’s happenings and shared the sad event’s images with her 5,000 followers.

However, her photos were called out for being insensitive, ignorant, and rude because of the upbeat mood and elated demeanor she portrayed in the picture series.

Here are the pictures the netizens attacked and criticized:

People were extremely angered by the influencer\’s pictures and some even posted about it on their social media accounts:

Fatima Nasir claims to be a musician and an athlete, and she also shares videos on her YouTube account. While there was nothing wrong with covering the dreadful event, the way she covered it made it incredibly wrong. Her carefree attitude created the image that Fatima was very chill about an unfolding tragedy, and people did not like it.

Soon after the criticism, Fatima Nasir took to her Instagram to apologize for her actions. She said:

I want to apologize to all who got hurt by my post sincerely. I do feel bad for the ones who suffered losses during the devastating fire at Hafeez Center. I realize that my photos have hurt many and come across as insensitivity on my part. Please know that I mean no harm or hurt anyone. It was a documentary I was shooting, showcasing the current situation in Pakistan. I was there to capture photographs of the incident as it unfolded. I was asked to go inside the fire perimeter to document everything in action on film. I had no intention to make fun of anyone or anything there. My recent posts were offensive as I smile, although I did not mean to make it look that way as if I was happy about it. Smiling was a reflex on my part, and I am sorry about it. I am sorry for putting them up at the wrong time and triggering the rightful sentiments. I should not have done that. I will share the whole picture story soon.

After posting the apology, Fatima deleted the pictures and made her public account private.

This incident acts as a lesson for many influencers who do not exercise enough responsibility while enhancing their social media reach.

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  • who came up with this term Instagram influencer? Tharki logon ki likes say ye sir pe charhi hoe aubaash aurtain

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    or nahi to ais ko block ya report to zaroor karain ,

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  • She just want to be viral and nothing more. She will find someone else inshahAllah , like her to take selfies on her loss. Its Karma, nothing less & nothing more.

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