Intelligent transport system to be introduced in Islamabad

  • A mobile app has also been introduced to facilitate the ITS with the name, “Capital Road Information System (CRIS).”
  • Capital Development Authority has introduced an intelligent traffic management system.
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After a plausible policy shift within the Capital Territory of announcing hazardous plastic bags illegal for use, the government seems to be intentional about fixing the turbulence in the traffic system.

The recent introduction of the intelligent traffic management system on Islamabad Highway, Margala Road, and other major avenues of the city likely to overhaul the inconveniences in the transport sector.

From the recent policy announcements, it is apparent that the center is aimed at bringing reforms but only to benefit the limited section of the country’s population some 1.5 million people living across the capital city.

Intelligent transport system improves the efficiency of transport in a number of situations, for instance, it helps to address the frequent traffic jams, changes the way in which the government and administration respond to the city traffic, and also ameliorates traffic mobility.

Capital Development Authority has introduced the intelligent traffic management system, Tribune reported. The Chief Commissioner Ameer Ali Ahmed and IG Police of Islamabad Aamir Zulfiqar visited the control room of intelligent traffic system established at Islamabad Highway.

The system is introduced as a pilot project and other major roads are likely to be linked with the modern system of transportation in the next few months to synchronize the city traffic.

Capital Road Information System

Commuters, with the inclusion of ITS, would not only get information about the duration of their journey but would also remain aware of the latest happenings on the Highway.

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The electronic signage has already been installed and a mobile app has also been introduced with the name, “Capital Road Information System (CRIS).” The move will reduce the number of traffic incidents as well.

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  • Introduction of ITMS in Islamabad highway. Appreciate Noshin Bashir for un-biased article.

    The UN/WHO Decade of Road Safety recommends such measures taken Urgent for Karachi to prevent Road Accidents, injuries, deaths in Karachi.
    Its most Urgent to Start Immediately with Marking Lanes for
    Bicycle Track/Lane
    Ambulance/Funeral van, Public transport/bus/coaster,
    taxi Lane, Private cars all categories, motor cycle, ChinQue 3 wheel rickshaw.

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