Government okays pay rise For FIA to attract honest competent officers

The move came following a lack of competent officers in the FIA due to the current situation.

In a bid to encourage honest and competent officers to join the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), the interior ministry has sought special pay raise for the employees of the agency.

The move came following a lack of competent officers in the FIA due to the current situation. The salaries of the FIA will be made equivalent to that of the National Accountability Bureau as per a summary moved in this regard. NAB was given a pay raise earlier this year.

At the beginning of the ongoing month, Prime Minister Imran Khan, during his meeting with DG FIA, had directed for a summary to be prepared for revision of the pay package and allowances of FIA. PM is expected to approve the summary in the next few days.

Furthermore, the summary has also highlighted the pay package for NAB and revised allowances which were approved in March this year. The following allowances were approved for the employees of NAB according to the summary.

i) Investigation Allowance equal to 60% of running basic pay.

ii) Utility allowance equal to 25% of running basic play.

iii) Fixed Daily allowance equal to 20 DAs (revised w.e.f 01-07-2017) per month.

iv) Hardship allowance equal to basic pay as on 30.06.2015.

v) NAB Allowance (20% for BS 1-16 and 15% for BS-17 & above of basic pay as on 30-06-2011).

vi) Exemption of 5% House Rent charges deduction.

According to the Interior Ministry, there is a huge difference between the pay package of NAB and FIA, which is why the ministry is pushing for the increase.

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  • ? Every Government Depatrment deserves it then bcoz they r structuring elements of a proper functioning government. Government shouldn’t create disparity instead eliminate it. Having a look at past, Double Salaries for FBR, Police etc didn’t work either and u have a lot more depressed minds out there in Govt departments deprived of these benefits. Let the Sanity prevail.

  • Thanks PM Imran Khan.
    Wazir e Azam Imran Khan
    Wazir e Azam Imran Khan
    Love you, Allah bless you

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