International Economists ‘Shocked’ Over Atif Mian Fiasco, Call It A Loss For Pakistan

Pakistan has a very narrow intellectual force, and hence numbered individuals from the illiteracy plagued country have global recognition because of their calibre. Among them is Atif Mian, a globally renowned economist. Being a representative of Pakistan on significant international fronts, Atif is the only person from this country to be named in IMF’s ‘top 25 brightest young economists’ and is always the first preference of international media channels to discuss the subject of debt and international market.

However, his appointment in Economic Advisory Council, followed by reaction from the extremist right-wing, to him being asked to step down from EAC due to his ‘faith’ has quite negatively shocked the international community.

Along with the two renowned economists, Asim Ijaz and Imran Rasul, who were also named at the council resigning from the council as a protest against it, the int’l economists have shown their displeasure and shock over it too.

An Economist at the Harvard Kennedy School, Dani Rodrik, said that not only Atif Mian’s removal deprives the country of top talent, but also shows how bigotry has won in the country.

Professor Edward Miguel from the University of California, Berkeley, also shows his resentment on the move, saying that Atif is among the most talented economic thinkers and it is a major loss for Pakistan.

Professor at the IE Business School, Luis Garicano, said that it is even worse for Pakistan to that the reason of resignation was ‘not being the right kind of Muslim’.


Another man of expertise, a faculty member at the University of British Columbia, Francesco Trebbi, commented on the issue saying that Atif Mian is a generous and honest human being, and the decision is a major loss for Pakistan.

University of California San Diego’s Professor Paul Niehaus, who commented on the resignation of another EAC member as a protest, wrote ‘love and respect’ for his stance.

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