International media outlet ‘Gulf News’ criticizes Pakistani media for politicizing Covid-19

The article is written with reference to the March 24th media briefing.

Pakistani media

The famous International news outlet Gulf News has criticized Pakistani Media in its latest editorial for politicizing Covid-19.

The article is written with reference to the March 24th media briefing.

Single-Point Agenda

According to the article, “The media in many countries has a single-point agenda: Covid-19. In Pakistan, the media also has a single-point plan: how to politicize the coronavirus while saying how not to politicize the coronavirus.”

The article reads, “In the briefing, it was not that the questions were hard-hitting. If that was the intention, the journalists missed the mark by a mile or two. Most of the questions asked by the most well-known talk show hosts were sarcastic, condescending, and meant to mock or demean.

The Journalists did not even bother to word them in a manner that would at least pretend to be the right protocol for interaction with the Prime Minister of the country.”

The editorial further reads, “When the world is united in its agony of the once-in-a-century pandemic, where the world is watching in terror-stricken sadness young, old, rich and weak, healthy and frail testing positive for the coronavirus.

While the international media has synchronized all its coverage and reportage to COVID-19, the March 24th Pakistan media event had queries and comments unrelated to the coronavirus.”

The article further stated that some were genuine questions about the governmental steps regarding the coronavirus. However, some were insults thinly disguised as relevant queries about Covid-19.

Direct Attacks

“The questions that made Twitter headlines were all direct attacks on the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. It was the timing that made the situation worse, and it has raised a question mark on the integrity of their (journalists) profession,” the article reads.

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  • Mostly Shameless Media
    Sold their souls to a few dollars. I feel sorry for them but even for those that listen to them

  • Ys, the article is pointing the rite thing. Pakistani journalisms is a shop, where everyone is for sale.
    And one more issue, if someone is not sold him self, but his intellect is so low.

  • Media needs Money , Plots , lavish INTERNATION travellings with PM ,perks favours + Bribes ,on the govt expenditure
    Which this govt is not giving them

  • I hate most of the journalist.which are not showing patriotism..selfish,greedy,blah blah..shame on PAK media

  • Heram Khor bloody Media of Pakistan they used to Lafafaasim but Imran Khan has been not allowed for

  • Yes I agree to some extend that Pakistan media is not playing its positive role to fight Corona virus but playing dirty politics.

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