WATCH: 5 International YouTubers reacting to Pakistani content that you shouldn’t miss!

Here we have compiled a list of 5 YouTubers who are famous for reacting to Pakistani content.

YouTube Reaction videos have been a buzzing trend for a while now. The trend has given many YouTubers an opportunity to show how they feel about certain cultures from around the globe. Several YouTubers have made reaction videos on Pakistani content, and honestly, it’s the most fun thing to watch!

From Indians to Americans, everyone has shown love for our Coke Studio songs or enjoyment for our movie trailers.

Here we have compiled a list of 5 YouTubers who are famous for reacting to Pakistani content.

1. Justin Burke – the US

An American vocal coach, Justin Burke, is a huge fan of our Pakistani singers’ vocal range that goes beyond American musical comprehension, and the way he reacts to our content is absolutely fun.

2. Krishna Views – India

Two Indian YouTubers, Krishna and Shilpa, run the channel Krishna Views. They are well known for reacting to all the Pakistani content and giving insights into what the contemporary Indian thinks about Pakistani content. Their videos highlight the fact that how much people from these neighboring countries are alike.

3. Daily Dhira – Indonesia

What makes this channel unique is that it’s coming straight from an Indonesian girl’s heart. Her reaction videos are full of emotions and truth, which show an exciting side to how the world looks at Pakistanis.

4. Robin & Jesper – Sweden

Undoubtedly, Pakistani content is loved globally, and this video channel from Sweden is one such example! The duo Robin and Jesper react to several Pakistani things, and Pakistanis have fallen head over heels with their energy!

5. Persia Castellani – UK

Persia Castellani is a UK-based YouTuber, who is loved for her reaction videos that also include her family and Pakistanis absolutely love her content!

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