Internet Community Calls Imran Khan’s Anti-Feminist Remarks As A ‘Major Disappointment’

The word ‘feminism’ is unarguably controversial in our country due to its rebellious and anti-patriarchal nature. In eastern considerably male-dominant cultures, the idea of equal societal rights for both genders has met a controversial reaction – a behaviour pattern which has been considerably repetitive in Pakistan.
The conservative segment of the society has viewed it rather unnatural and unacceptable and hence has remained a hot debate from televisions to a common man.

Imran Khan’s recent interview to a private news channel has become the centre of controversy due to his anti-feminist remarks. Khan in a recent interview said that he disapproves and disagrees with the western movement of feminism. Khan further claimed that the movement contributed to ‘degenerating’ motherhood.

His remarks instantly got extreme backlash on social media due to their half-literate nature. Supporters and advocates of the movement said that these ignorant comments show his lack of education and awareness of the subject.

Furthermore, his comments were deemed as irresponsible to be presented at such a widely influential platform as they are triggering in nature for the supporters of the movement. Social media community perceived his opinions to be anti-women as feminism was the movement that actually spoke for the rights of mothers in professional spheres and rose voice for their rights to equal opportunities and relief – under the cover of maternity leave, glass ceiling and equal pay.

The Twitterati spoke against Khan’s lack of awareness of the ideology and his lack of consideration for the benefits of the Women Suffrage Movement like the right to vote and run for office that resulted in feminist movements around the globe to claim equal right at societal benefits and opportunities.
Netizens regarded his comments as a ‘major disappointment’.
Here is how people are reacting to it:

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