Internet Divided Over Meesha Shafi – Ali Zafar Controversy: See Allegations, Response, Public Opinion Here

In another incidence of allegations on Twitter making public the judge and the jury, Meesha Shafi has accused Ali Zafar of harassing her on multiple occasions, making it the first case of its nature as a public figure has accused a fellow public figure of harassment. Meesha Shafi wrote on Twitter that being a public figure, mother and a woman she needs to breaks the silence and support the youth who is trying to eradicate all barriers, making an effort to get them heard.

She said that she has received unconditional love support from fans and family making her the powerful woman she is today. She said that she feels the need to open up because she recognizes that it can happen to her, an established artist, it can happen to anyone. She blamed popular singer Ali Zafar for harassing her on more than one occasion, saying that it was an extremely traumatic experience for her and her family. She said that she has known Ali for a long time and has shared the stage with him and his behaviour had made her feel betrayed.

She concluded that she is not alone and she wants to break the culture of silence. Her mother, famous artist, Saba Hameed said that she is shocked. She added that she stands behind her daughter, trusts her and supports her through this.

‘’I am hurt and angry and I feel very strongly about this. That, this can happen with someone like Meesha, who is so empowered, is a rude awakening’’ – Saba said (Source: Dawn)

In response to this, Ali Zafar has categorically rejected all allegations and has come up with a statement on, of course, Twitter. He said that he supports the #MeToo movement and is well-aware of it. He said that having a wife, a young daughter and being a son to a mother, he has always stood up for social equality. Ali said that he has supported his colleagues through slander, defamation and unkindness and he will do the same for himself today. He said that he denies the allegations.

He said that he doesn’t want it to be an endless cycle of allegations and blame game on social media and is intended to take it to courts and address this through a proper procedure. He concluded by saying that he’s a strong believer in truth always prevails.
The internet community, however, is divided over it. Here is how they are seeing it:

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