Internet helps China’s rural population to generate 777.13 billion yuan in 2019

In the first half of the current year, China’s online retail sales increases up to 21% year-on-year.

  • Tourism rises in the rural area of China after videos of its landscape and folk culture went viral.
  • Online retail sales in poverty-stricken counties in China reached 65.98 billion yuan, up 18% every year.


The expeditious evolution of the internet in China has not only helps widen its digital sector but also assist them in poverty alleviation.

Tourism Rises

Gaibao village in China is a beneficiary of the internet. People of the village made videos of the landscapes and remarkable folk culture and upload them on the internet.

As a result, the videos went viral and tourists started to come in to visit the village. Internet is not only advantageous for the people associated with digital information and urban life even the people of rural areas can be benefitted from this technology.

E-Commerce Service Stations

People of Yinan County used to face problems when it comes to selling their agriculture goods to the outside world. With the adaptation of e-commerce as a poverty alleviation tool, farmers and the agriculture industries have achieved massive success.

According to a local farmer of Yinan County “Thanks to the e-commerce service stations the price of peaches doubled. On average, peach sold for 10 yuan”.

Online Retail sales

According to the source, the rural areas of China have increased up to 777.13 billion yuan in online retail sales. It has been up 21% year-on-year. Whereas, online retail sales of agriculture has increased up to 25.3% every year.

China’s initiative to reduce poverty through e-commerce is finally paying off. Besides, rural e-commerce and online retailing increasing promptly.

Presently, Internet is providing facilities to 100 million rural Chinese students. The primary and middle school students are connected with national satellite transmission for online education.

Around 4 million students of remote areas despite teacher shortages have access to proper education through the internet.

It a thing associated with the internet that anyone who has easy access to the internet can get themselves out of poverty faster.

Pakistan should learn from its close friend China and create the same kind of innovative ideas that will not only help them to improve their lives but in the long term help the economic situation of Pakistan.

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