Internet Roasts Ali Sethi For Calling A Girl ‘Auntie’


It Seems as if some Pakistani celebrities can’t handle fame for a long time.

Ali Seth, after receiving lots of love from fans for his Instagram live sessions, has got himself in a controversy.

Recently, a Twitter user questioned the lack of original songs from Ali Sethi.

“At least Taher Shah comes up with originals every time. Can we say the same about Ali Sethi?,” the Twitter user wrote.

Replying to the tweet, Ali Sethi stated that he had released six original songs last year. The singer went on to call the user an auntie.

“I released six original songs last year, but of course this troll auntie knows better,” Seth replied.

Ali Sethi was severely criticized for his response. The user who earlier questioned his lack of original song was the first one to hit back at him.

Here’s How Other Twitter Users Bashed Ali Sethi: 

Ali Sethi didn’t stop there, in another tweet , he asked another user not to take a selfie again. The Twitter user had similar question as the earlier one who questioned his lack of original songs.

Twitteratis weren’t going to spare him this time either.

During the ongoing lockdown across the globe, Ali Sethi, just as other celebrities, is holding Instagram live sessions for his fans. He also collaborated with celebrities from across the board including Rekha Bhardwaj and Vishal Bhardwaj.


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