Iqra Aziz and Yasir Hussain being cyber-bullied , Hamza Ali Abbassi comes to the rescue

Actress Iqra Aziz and comedian Yassir Hussain in LUX Style Awards – photo courtesy Herald.

The Comedian Yasir Hussain proposed the outspoken actress Iqra Aziz during the LUX Style Award show. This has become the top trend on social media after the on-screen proposal by Yasir Hussain to the actress. There are mixed comments of applause and harsh criticism after the kissing scene between the two. Here you go for the visuals of what exactly happened.

There has been a widespread discussion on social media outlets about the goods or bads of the event some people called it Behayahi and against the cultural norms of the society whilst others were rejoicing the start of a new journey ahead of the engagement.

Man Mayal fame Hamza Ali Abbassi who has been a strong critic of the inclusion of item songs in the films and openly criticized the item songs in media has tweeted about the incident. He, tagging to Iqra Azir, said that in an era when people prefer haram over halal, how can you find faults in a man asking a woman for Nikkah?

For the reason because he hugged her or kissed her on the cheek? Stop it! Instead, celebrate the good, he added.

Hamza also extended his heartiest congratulations to Yasir and Iqra for the new journey.

“Heartiest congrats to Yasir and Iqra. May Allah bless you both in a new journey,” adds Hamza Ali Abbassi in his twitter post.

In another tweet, he said: “The closer I am getting to Islam, the more I am finding out that Allah does not like you to pick out names & individuals & bash them on their personal faults. Look away from their personal faults & celebrate the good that they do. That’s what Allah loves. Aagay aapki marzi.”

The actor also quoted some examples from the Hadith in support of his argument. Quoting one of them which read nor to defame one another and not to spend your time finding fault with one another.


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He just didn’t forget to mention his criticism on the item number and said that I used to criticize item numbers without ever picking out actresses and bashing them individually for doing item numbers.

Here is a link to the tweet.


How do you comment on the incident? Do you think that the criticism from the public about the kissing scene is the lack of tolerance in society?

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