Iran calls slain anti-Taliban fighters ‘martyrs,’ says examining Pakistan’s alleged role in Panjshir takeover

These provocative statements were made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry (FM) Spokesperson, Saeed Khatibzadeh.

The flags of Pakistan and Iran.
The flags of Pakistan and Iran.

Iran has recently made provocative statements about Afghanistan that many have speculated to be anti-Taliban, anti-Pakistan, and pro-India.

These provocative statements were made by the Iranian Foreign Ministry (FM) Spokesperson, Saeed Khatibzadeh.

According to posts on Twitter by the state-owned Tehran Times, the Iranian FM Spokesperson expressed its “utter disappoint” on the “martyrdom” of the anti-Taliban fighters from Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan.

In the following tweet, Iran condemned the Taliban‘s takeover of the Panjshir Valley and said it was “examining the possibility of foreign intervention” in the Taliban’s takeover of Panjshir.

It is pertinent to note that Indian media platforms have falsely accused Pakistan of allegedly providing air support to the Taliban in Panjshir Valley.

However, these claims by the Indian media have been exposed and classified as false.

Nevertheless, the Iranian authorities have believed Indian propaganda, and in the following tweet by Tehran Times, the Iranian FM Spokesperson said that Iran is investigating the alleged “intervention of Pakistan” in Panjshir.

In the following tweet, Khatibzadeh gave an indirect warning to Pakistan for alleged intervention in Panjshir.

“I strongly warn that all red lines and obligations under international law must be observed,” remarked Khatibzadeh, adding that the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely “following developments in Afghanistan.”

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  • Just like iran intervenes fully in itaq syria yemen. Pakistan takes care if national security needs. So what you are gonna do about it. Stfkup iran.

  • After Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Hizbullah Iran wants a Shia/pro-Iran government in Afghanistan too.

  • in 2000 Iran joined hand with USA and supported Northern alliance which caused civil war in Afghanistan and death of thousands of innocent people, especially by Dostum (also known as butcher of Afghans). Iran is governed by very stupid people and incompetent mullahs. They supported America in Iraq war (America put sanctions on Iran once her(America) objectives were achieved. It supported India against Kashmir. People of Iran are very good, but there politicians belong to Nawaz Sharif’s gene poole.

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