Iran Nuclear Deal: France strive to avoid the escalation of nuclear crisis

  • France steps up efforts to save the peace accord.
  • France’s top diplomatic adviser has held talks in Iran to ease the crisis over Iran nuclear deal.
  • Iran announces uranium enrichment by 3.67 percent.
Emmanuel Macron step up efforts to keep the nuclear deal alive – photo courtesy AFP.


“The French are part of efforts to keep the nuclear deal alive, said Mousavi who served as the former premier of Iran. Emmanuel Macron’s top diplomatic advisor has held talks in Iran to ease the crisis over Iran nuclear deal.

Tehran has also praised the French efforts to save the peace deal of 2015, Aljazeera reported.

Emmanuel Bonne met with the Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani – the Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council days after the Tehran’s announcement regarding exceeding the uranium enrichment limits.

Iran announced that it had exceeded a 3.67 percent uranium enrichment limit under the agreement. Iran also threatened to restart the deactivated centrifuges and to further enhance the uranium enrichment by about 20 percent, the report further read.

Iran-Nuclear deal and unilateral withdrawal of US

The Iran-Nuclear deal was concluded between the Islamic Republic of Iran and other countries including the USA, UK, France, Germany, China, and Russia.

The deal was concluded after months-long diplomatic efforts and was being considered a great diplomatic win and a triumph towards the de-escalation of nuclear tensions in the region but Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the JCPOA has turned the success into a failure.

Now other European countries who were a party in the deal are stepping up efforts to stop the enrichment threats from Iran.

Replacement of sanctions

The USA has again placed the sanctions against Iran and also Trump administration warned that any nation that helps Iran to develop nuclear capacity will also be placed under US sanctions.

Tehran demands abidance of the 2015 accord from other signatories

As the country’s economy is in free-fall after various sanctions in the banking and oil sector, Tehran demanded the other signatories of the deal to deliver the economic benefits that were promised in the accord alongside seeking revival from US sanctions.

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The US has also sent its war shipments to the Gulf region to counter the possible threats from Tehran. President wanted to limit Iran’s ballistic missile program that was not included in the terms of the deal.

What do you foresee the future of Iran-nuclear deal? Will other European states be successful in the revival of the accord?  

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