Iranian Teen’s 50 Plastic Surgeries To Look Like Angelina Jolie Went Terribly Wrong – See How She Looked Before

The modern standards of beauty and increased social media influence suggests that everyone looks the same, with same facial features with no individuality.

This pretty much describes the increasing inclination of youth towards cosmetic surgeries. When we are so fascinated by how our idols look and are not even afraid to go under needles for it, we offer tend to ignore the chances of it going wrong.

2014 was the year when Kylie Jenner’s lip trend started
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This particular case explains it well. We all have seen the pictures of Sahar Tabar, who underwent as many as 50 surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie. The teenager from Iran brands herself as the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie, however the way she looks like now has given her the name ‘corpse bride’ by the people.

Sahar’s transformation exploded the internet and her Instagram followers increased from 365k to 506k in one evening. Sahar has been posting her journey on her Instagram but after the increased internet fame, she immediately deleted her before pictures. However, her old followers still have them and they are still floating on Twitter.


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Sahar Tabar – Before

The debate has also sparked where people believe that she never had any proper cosmetic surgery and is only using prosthetics.

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She went viral almost a month after Claudia Sierra from Texas. 42 years old Claudia underwent 9 plastic surgeries (liposuction, eye lift, fat grafts, breast implants, rhinoplasty and a tummy tuck) to look like Melania Trump. According to her, Melania is the most ‘perfect’ woman in the world.
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Sahar’s before and after pictures are blowing social media, with people actually horrified by it and concerned over this extreme trend in youngsters. This particular case reflects how social media glam life has convinced the young and vulnerable minds that they don’t look good enough.

Not just how the surgeries went horribly wrong for her, the health implications associated with them are beyond imagination as well. Apart from the looks, Sahar also dropped 40 kgs of weight in a bid to look like her idol. This is why we need to take this issue seriously and teach our youth self-love and confidence in their own skin.

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