Iran’s SHOCKING New TV Censorship Laws: Women banned from eating pizza on screen

The directives have been issued under Iran's new TV censorship law.

Iran men women at a restaurant

Food, beverages, and restaurant TV commercials and movies seldom feature boring displays and bland direction. These advertisements and shows are sold based on their appeal factor, which is displayed via enticing food zoom-ins, tempting dialogues, and attractive people.

Many times, these commercials and movies feature men and women eating or drinking. However, did you ever imagine that these scenes would end up being banned from TV?

According to media reports, the appearance of women eating and drinking and men serving food to women in TV advertisements and shows has been prohibited by the Iran Government. The directives have been issued under Iran’s new TV censorship law. The regulations have banned television producers from portraying ladies eating pizza or men serving drinks on air.

Iran’s New TV Censorship Law

The censorship law states:

Women in TV shows may no longer be shown wearing leather gloves or drinking a red beverage. Men should not be depicted serving teas to ladies in situations involving a workplace, and women should not be seen wearing leather gloves.

Iran's flag with a censorship tag

Why are these new directives being issued?

A recent audit has compelled the government officials to issue new rules and regulations to broadcasters and film creators. The details of the audit aren’t known to the public yet.

Agreeing to the new rules, Amir Hossein Shamshadi, the chief of public relations at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, said:

Women should not be depicted on TV consuming any red beverages.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting logo

Implementation of the new directives

The Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) will be responsible for guaranteeing that rigorous new regulations are observed. According to reports, IRIB will approve all scenes or pictures depicting men and women in household settings before airing them on TV. Several Iranian streaming sites are looking to self-censor their content to escape IRIB’s wrath and Iran Government’s fines.

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