Mainstream media accuses Irfan Junejo of supporting Christian Betzzman, he responds [WATCH]

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The Famous Pakistani YouTuber, Irfan Junejo, has shared a post on his Facebook account  where he revealed how mainstream media is sharing misleading content regarding his stance on Palestine.

Recently, Samaa FM posted an article on its website with the title, “Irfan Junejo sides with Christian Betzmann says as a YouTuber can’t help the Palestinian cause.”

In response to the article, Junejo released a video where he explained his stance. He said, “I have been accused of not speaking on the Palestinian issue in the editorial. Kindly watch a video by the title ‘Giving out Pumpkins‘ on my channel where I raised $1700 (PKR 2,60,000) for the people of Palestine.”


Video ka naam hai Giving Out Pumpkins. Available on YouTube. Available on Facebook. In other news, proud of this community for raising this amount. The link for the fund raiser is available in the Pumpkin Video description, and it is still active. You can still donate.Video link – Link –

Posted by Irfan Junejo on Monday, May 24, 2021

Junejo further shared that after some time, the news outlet changed the article’s headline to, “We should amplify the voices of the Palestinians, says Ifran Junejo.”

Irfan Junejo

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