Irfan Junejo breaks silence over being compared with TikTokers, addresses Areeka Haq issue

Junejo has the most proportionate response to the debate!

The ‘TikTok Vs YouTube’ debate has reached new heights and people have started calling out the video-sharing platform TikTok for providing an ‘easy path to fame’ for those without any talent.

People started comparing TikTok Star, Areeka Haq, with famous Pakistani YouTuber Irfan Junejo while stressing that Pakistani awaam’s tharak is the mere reason for Areeka’s massive following.

Not so surprisingly, a lot of people supported these statements and the debate is now floating all over social media.

Recently, Irfan Junejo decided to speak about the matter and uploaded a video on his YouTube channel.

“I have been watching different blogs comparing me with other people. Sometimes it’s a YouTuber, sometimes a Prankster and recently a TikTok Star – Areeka Haq”, said Junejo.

While speaking to his YouTube family he said, “YouTube and Instagram algorithms don’t work the way people think they do. The number of followers does not define the quality of work. If that would have been the case, then Pakistani filmmakers who produce movies with such massive budgets and undergo months of pre-production would not have followers as low as 1K on YouTube.”

“Not every person who is surfing on YouTube is interested in bikes, drone shots, or my life. However, almost everyone who is on YouTube would be interested in watching what is trending or something that makes him/her slip a smile. ”, Junejo added.

”Your niche is what defines your audience”

Junejo said that it is your niche that defines your audience.

”For instance, I personally believe that ‘Beautiful Destinations’ is the best travel video channel but it does not even have 300k followers”, he continued.

The vlogger emphasized that not everyone might be interested in your niche and that certainly does not define the quality of work you produce.

“YouTube is not for filmmakers, it is for YouTubers and Instagram is not for Photographers, it is for Instagramers.”

He shared that he has realized that these two platforms are taken differently from what they originally are and that is why Cristiano Ronaldo, the famous Portuguese footballer, has the highest number of followers on Instagram.

The only photography page on Instagram that makes it top 10 lists is ‘National Geographic’, that too because everyone has heard of it at least once in their lifetime. The same is the case with YouTube.

“I want to thank everyone who posted these blogs. I appreciate your support for my work and it means a lot. However, to praise someone, you do not have to look down on another – comparison is not needed”, Irfan Junejo concluded the video with a humble, meaningful lesson for the audience.

Here is Irfan Junejo’s response to the matter:

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