Irfan Junejo vs Government: GOP’s YouTube Channel Suspended Over Copyright Issues

YouTube recently has really upgraded their policies regarding copyrights and take immediate actions if they detect the content linkage with another source that they perceive to be the original. Especially the problem occurs when big established channels steal content from smaller channels and upload it without consent or giving any credits. But the game really went against the government this time for stealing Pakistani vlogger Irfan Junejo’s content.

After Irfan brought it to everyone’s notice, YouTube immediately terminated Pakistan government’s channel for copyright infringement claims on one of their videos. The video ‘Family Friendly Act’ included a footage from Irfan Junejo’s extremely popular video ‘The Junejo’s guide to Naran’.

The video has over 200,000 views and was shared on numerous social media platforms multiple times. Junejo tweeted saying that Pakistan government’s YouTube channel stole clips from his Naran video and he’s writing this to let them know that it’s wrong. Later, he tweeted again thanking everyone for help and support after YouTube decided to terminate the channel over copyright issues.

Later on, the Government Of Pakistan said their side of the story saying that the due credits were given to Junejo and he should be proud that his content is being promoted through their channel.


Whereas, Junejo says that he is more than willing to help or contribute but there is a right way to do it, which in this case was asking him before as the content belongs to him.

He said that the channel wasn’t taken down due to his complaint but in fact, many people reported it collectively. He also told that he is not the only one whose content was used without his permission but in fact, there are many bigger and smaller channels who have the same complaint. Adding to his previous sentence that he will be more than willing to help if asked, he told the instance where one of his videos was acquired by ISPR for use but WITH HIS PERMISSION.

The video was about Gwadar rally and Major Bangash reached out to him asking for a drone footage of the rally and he gladly gave it. He was expecting the same professional and courteous behaviour from the government too.

However, all is well that ends well!

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