Is Pakistan about to create history at Asia’s Largest E-Sports Competition this year?

A proud moment for Pakistan, four teams will be representing Pakistan for the first time at Asia's largest esports competition this year.

Play-ins and Finals will be held during the event. The Play-ins will take place on November 20 and 21, followed by the Finals on November 28.

Thirty-one teams from seven South Asian regions have been divided into two groups based on their regional/qualifying tournament results. The champion of the seven national competitions is guaranteed a spot in the Finals, while other teams will compete in Play-ins for a shot to gain the Finals.

Free Fire Asia Championship Play-Ins teams:

Group A:

  1. Desi Gamers (India)
  2. Five Mutants (Pakistan)
  3. No Chance (Pakistan)
  4. King of Gamers Club (Thailand)
  5. SYZYGY Raiders (Thailand)
  6. SAF Deathwish (MCP)
  7. Epic (Chinese Taipei)
  8. 台灣總冠軍 ( Chinese Taipei)
  9. DG Esports (Indonesia)
  10. SES Alfaink (Indonesia)
  11. HQ Esports (Vietnam)
  12. God of Wolf (Vietnam)

Group B:

  1. PVS Gaming (India)
  2. Total Gaming Esports (India)
  3. House of Blood (Pakistan)
  4. Heavy (Vietnam)
  5. Box Gaming (Vietnam)
  6. Siren GPX (Indonesia)
  7. The Pillars Rapiers (Indonesia)
  8. Evos Reborn (Thailand)
  9. CGGG (Thailand)
  10. Do Easy (MCP)
  11. 4X Men Xpert (MCP)
  12. 回遊仔也想打比賽 (Chinese Taipei)

Teams Qualified For Finals:

  1. Team Elite (India)
  2. Hotshot Esports (Pakistan)
  3. Evos Divine (Indonesia)
  4. e-Arena (Thailand)
  5. LGDS (Chinese Taipei)
  6. Burst the Sky (Vietnam)
  7. Blacklist International (MCP)
  8. Group A topper
  9. Group A 2nd-placed team
  10. Group B Topper
  11. Group B 2nd-placed team
  12. Play-ins best record team

The Free Fire Asia Championship replaced the Free Fire World Series due to the COVID impact on all players. The FFAC will be a virtual tournament with prize money of $400,000.00 (approximate 69M PKR).

Four of Pakistan’s best teams will face a massive challenge in proving themselves on the international scene. The champion of FFPL II, Team Hotshot, has advanced straight to the Finals. Meanwhile, House of Blood, No Chance, and Five Mutants will have to compete in the Play-ins to advance to the Finals.

Don’t forget to support Pakistan. Such kinds of events are genuinely growing the E-Sports in the country. Let’s hope for the victory of Pakistan!

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