‘Is Pakistan safe?’ – American Vlogger visits the country to explore himself

The western media’s profiling of Pakistan has lead to a staunch image of the country, far from reality, plagued with danger and terrorism. After the terrorist attacks in the region followed by the war in Afghanistan, Pakistan’s image as a tourist-friendly location with gifts of nature was scarred forever. At that particular time, the foreign visitors to Peshawar, saw scenes that have remained emblematic for the way Europe and America perceive Pakistan.

The photographs shot during that time showed the said days saw numerous and repeated small, anti-war demonstrations in the city’s streets, carried out by a few, mostly bearded men, who were always followed by an equally large throng of Western photographers. The images that made rounds on media back then, stayed intact with the back of people’s minds, never freeing them of the fear.

Television reporting, particularly at that point in time, was dominated by images such as these. Only a few newspapers were more honest and explained early on that the protesters were but a small minority of the Pakistani population. And yet to this, due to the ulterior motives, Western media continued to exaggerate the ‘security threat’.

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