Is Ishaq Dar’s house worth buying with THAT much money?

The initial price of the 4-Kanal and 17-Marla house has been fixed by government price at Rs180 million.

  • The Bungalow of the former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Lahore will be auctioned on January 28th.
  • Last year, Supreme Court ordered NAB to file a reference against Ishaq Dar.


As per orders of the accountability court, the bungalow of the former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in Lahore will be auctioned on January the 28th.

The house, located in Block H, Gulberg, has been set at the price of Rs.18.5 million by the government.

On July 28th, 2018, a Supreme Court bench ordered NAB to file a reference against Ishaq Dar, on various petitions filed by the government, and its associates against Dar for alleged misuse of power.

Is the house really worth it?


A property dealer, Aamir Bhatta, told The Independent Urdu, “The property market is under pressure, so the price fixed by the government is appropriate.”

Aamir Bhatta further said, “So far, only two to three people have shown interest in buying this house. Many people are concerned about future court proceedings.”

“In the past, properties of the former President General (retd), Pervaiz Musharraf, were also held for auction by the court, but they were not sold. Similarly, all the houses of Nawaz Sharif were auctioned in the Musharraf era, but when he returned, he took back all the houses,” said Bhatta.


People have reservations about this property, as people want guarantees from the government.

Bhatta further said, “Ishaq Dar’s house is not a country monument that anyone would buy it with so much money. If one has to buy to invest, then the rates allotted by the Deputy Commissioner, are even lower.”

The house was sealed in the presence of a committee comprising LDA, NAB officers, district government, MCL, and local police.

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