India claims ISI agent honey-trapped Rajasthan man into spying on the Indian army with ‘nudes’

According to reports, an ISI agent contacted Paliwal a couple of years back on Chhadam because of his influence.

Rajasthan man arrested on account of spying.

The CID (special branch) arrested the husband of a former sarpanch from the Jaisalmer district on Sunday. Reports claim that the man, who is a resident of Lathi village, which is near the International Border between India and Pakistan, leaked sensitive information about the Indian army after he was honey-trapped by a Pakistani ISI agent.

According to reports, the 42-year-old man, Satyanarayan Paliwal, has been charged for spying under the Officials Secrets Act, 1923. Media reports stated:

Intelligence agencies arrested Paliwal three days back from near the Pokhran firing range. He was questioned for two days by the officials, during which he confessed to spying and having shared information over social media.

Man arrested for spying on the Indian army.

Talking about the matter, ADG Intelligence Umesh Mishra said:

Paliwal was found to have shared information over Chhadam; a social media account operated by Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. He shared information regarding the army’s movement in the border areas and activities at the Pokhran field firing range, which is the largest in the country.

Reports state that during the interrogation, Paliwal told officials:

If an army exercise of movement is taking place, the concerned gram panchayat has information about it, as it alerts surrounding villages, so there is no mishap. And since my wife was the sarpanch, I had access to the army’s activities.

Man conspires with ISI agent to spy on Indian Army.

According to reports, an ISI agent contacted Paliwal a couple of years back on Chhadam because of his influence. The agent posed as an Indian journalist and became very friendly with Paliwal and regularly chatted with him. Later, she video called Paliwal using a fake Indian number.

Soon the agent won Paliwal’s confidence, upon which she asked him to gather information about the army’s movement in Pokhran. However, intelligence agencies soon got wind of the trap the agent had set for Paliwal and put him under surveillance.

ADG Mishra said: 

The CID (special branch) filed a case against Paliwal under the Official Secrets Act, 1923, at the special police station in Jaipur.

Explaining the matter further, he stated:

The intelligence branch had been keeping a watch over Paliwal for one month after receiving information regarding the spying. He was detained three days back and questioned by the intelligence agencies in Jaisalmer. After he confessed, he was brought to Jaipur on Sunday, and a case was registered against him.

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