Islam 360: App created by Pakistani is a complete search engine of Quran and Hadith

Islam 360 makes browsing hassle-free and easy.


Islam 360 is revolutionary and easy by all means. Being a complete search engine for Quran and Hadith, it is a one-stop solution and an hassle-free solution.

The creator of the app Mr Zahid Hussain says that the apps offer many services and features for the ones looking for guidance and solution in the light of Quran and Hadith. However, the most prominent is that it provides recitation of the Holy Quran by more than 16 Qaris with audio and text translations.

“The app has different features. The most prominent feature is the recitation of the Holy Quran by more than 16 Qaris with audio and text translation in English and Urdu,” said Zahid, spekaing to a local news channel.

“It is a complete search engine of the Quran and the Hadith for both iOS and Android environment.”

The application further contains the translation of 77,881 Quranic words in the Urdu language. Users also have the facility to find the meaning of words by voice-activated search as well. The app also has a collection of 78,000 Hadiths along with proper chain narrators.

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The application has earned certificates of authenticity from renowned Ulemas for Quran and Hadith translations. Though the application does need internet for audio, the material on it can be browsed offline as well.

The creator of the application Zahid Hussain is the first person to create such a search engine for the Quran and Hadith. An IT consultant by profession, Zahid’s keen interest in the religion lead to his extensive research for five years. He then came up with this incredible, easy to use application.



The Islam 360 application has the following featured;

  • Complete Quran with more than 10 translations (from different schools of thoughts) and Tafseer.
  • More than 16 Qari’s Recitation.
  • Text-based and Context-based Searchable Quran.
  • All 6 Hadees books in English and Urdu with Searchable features.
  • Hadees Audio. ∅ Ibadaat Sections (Namaz, Roza, Hajj etc.) with gestures.
  • Dua Section ( All daily routine dua’s).


The application is available online and on the following operating systems:

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