Islamabad | Harassed and accused of theft: Social media user shares his terrible experience with Careem

A social media user, Ahmad Ammar, has shared his terrible experience ( which is still ongoing) with the ride-hailing service Careem.

While sharing what happened to him, Ammar wrote on his official Facebook account, “A Careem captain has been harassing my family and me. We booked a ride on Friday evening from DHA 2 to The Cardio Diabetic and Dental Center G-8 Markaz. The driver said that he would cancel the ride and take us to the hospital privately. When he dropped us off, I gave him money and asked him to deduct the fare. He refused to take the money and insisted that he will wait for us outside and drop us back home. He reasoned that there is a limited internet connectivity in town, so he would be better off waiting for us instead of looking for a new passenger.”

Ammar added, “I came out of the hospital twice to pay him but couldn’t find him outside the hospital, and we were unable to reach him. We left for another clinic in a different cab because I had to get some tests done.”

“Now the driver has filed a police complaint against me. He accused me of stealing his Samsung Galaxy A50. He came over to our place with our apartment block , security in charge to threaten me that they would take me to the police station, beat me, and make me return his phone.”

“They just made me pay him three times the amount of Careem fare. He has also breached my privacy by getting our address and family photos from the clinic database. Even though I have paid him, which I never refused to do, he and the guards are threatening to come back at my place with a search warrant and take me to prison if they don’t find his phone. Moreover, I checked his Careem profile and realized that the person registered there and the one driving the vehicle are not the same.”

The contact number of Careem captain: 03035393116
Car number plate: Go White Alto Ng AHZ-243
The Careem app says that it is registered by Babar R.

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  • Since Uber bought careem, the competition vanished, therefore the service on the down hill since. Their fars also doubled.
    This is why competition is the most important thing. Now uber will rip people off unfortuantely

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