Islamabad Police introduces Mounted Patrol unit to promote softer image

In this, police personnel will be given horses to ride on.

Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) police have formally launched a Mounted Patrol unit to ensure safety. In this, police personnel will be given horses to ride on.

The unit’s main aim is to increase patrolling around the capital to ensure the safety of property and life of the citizens in the federal capital. The newly-launched unit will patrol on horses in areas where other units can’t go, like hiking trails, dirt roads, terrains, parks, and mountains.

Alongside guarding the federal capital, the Mounted Patrol Unit will play a significant role in promoting a soft image of ICT police amongst residents of Islamabad. Similarly, to increase patrolling, different units have been launched, like the Air Patrol Unit, Bicycle Patrol Unit, Eagle Patrol Unit, and Falcon Patrol Unit.

In October 2021, the Air Patrol Unit has innovative and state-of-the-art drones and locators. Meanwhile, the Eagle Squad has motorcycles. The Bicycle Patrol Unit was launched in April to guard narrow streets and markets.

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