Islamabad Policy Research Institute declared # 74 best government-affiliated think tank worldwide

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Islamabad Policy Research Institute

Islamabad Policy Research Institute has been ranked number 74 worldwide in by the UPenn global thinktanks ranking of 2020 under the “Government affiliated think tank” category.

During the last nine months, IPRI undertook major institutional reforms based on its 3D approach including, Datafication, Digitalization, and Disruption.

Under the reforms, The IPRI launched several new research and policy products and enhanced its strategic communications on the global stage. Due to the success of reforms, The IPRI is now recognized as one of the top think tanks in Pakistan and is acknowledged as one of the leading global think tanks in national security and foreign policy.

It is new for a Pakistani think tank to be included in this category of prestigious think tank rankings – thus making Pakistan and its institutions proud. Moreover, The IPRI’s reform journey is a testament to a national success story and could also serve as a case study for institutional change and reform in Pakistan for other departments to adopt.

Recognized for its objectivity and policy relevance, IPRI’s publications offer contemporary, up-to-date, and high-quality research in the form of authoritative journals, books, monographs, and policy briefs. The Institute’s events vary from seminars on current international and national affairs to large-scale international conferences that attract renowned leaders, academics, and policymakers from all over the world.

The IPRI has recently undergone a reorientation of research culture intending to align its research products to policy issues relevant to the government and policy community. Well-researched policy briefs are produced regularly to offer actionable policy recommendations to policymakers at the national level.

To foster goodwill and intellectual connections between North-South and South-South in the realm of culture and ideas, IPRI also supports academic exchange programs with regional and international researchers and think tanks.

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