Islamabad Turns Dark As 17,000 Streetlights Are Out Of Order In The Capital Territory

Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Mor and a road leading to Pir Sohawa and Monal is also lacking streetlights


Locals in Islamabad are facing issues while traveling after sunset, as 17,000 streetlights are out of order.
Under the former chairman Kamran Lashari all the streetlights were working correctly, but in the decade that followed, the street lights began showing faults, especially in order sectors like G-6, G-9, and I-10. The damage could have been controlled, but authorities took no responsible action.

40,000 Installed Streetlights:

Approximately 40,000 Street lights have installed in the capital city by the Streetlights Division of the Directorate of Electrical And Mechanical Maintenance. It covers a 1,600 km extended network; however, around 17,000 are not working properly.
The streetlight situation includes major avenues, service roads, streets, Markaz, parks, and grounds.
The Kashmir Highway from Peshawar Mor and a road leading to Pir Sohawa and Monal is also lacking streetlights.

Peshawar Mor Interchange:

Not all the streetlights on Peshawar Mor interchange (which is a busy route) are working properly, and the steps have not been taken to hand over the project to Capital Development Authority so far.
An officer from CDA told media that authorities have only been taking steps to fix streetlights on significant avenues like Islamabad Highway, Margalla Road, and F sectors that include foreign affairs housing.

Solar Power:

On the other hand, Capital Development Authority and the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad told media that the directorate responsible for streetlights is targeting main roads currently, which are being run on solar power.
Director Electrical and Mechanical Maintenance Muhammad Mozam admitted that a large number of streetlights in the capital territory were not working but declined to provide an exact number and said that the department was facing a shortage of funds

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