Groundbreaking and revolutionary: Foundation of Islamabad’s first-ever Hindu temple laid

A very refreshing and positive development.

The first-ever Hindu temple of Islamabad is being constructed in the H-9 sector of the Federal capital.

Hindu members had to travel out of the city to perform their religious practices, which is why a crematorium is also being constructed. The temple is being built on an area of 20,000 sq ft.

The Islamabad Hindu Panchayat has decided to name it ‘Shri Krishna Mandir’.

As told by the Minister of Religious Affairs, the construction cost, which is estimated to be around Rs100,000,000 will be paid in full by the government.

The groundbreaking ceremony, held in Islamabad, was performed by Parliamentary Secretary on Human Rights, Lal Chand Malhi. Lal Chand mentioned in his address how the temples in Islamabad from before the independence have been abandoned. These included the ones at the Hill point overlooking the Korang River near Rawal and Saidpur Village.

He added that the Hindu population has increased in the Capital over the last two decades and the temple was more like a necessity for them now. He said that the ‘Hindu community of the city has been asking for the construction of the temple for a long time now’.

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) had allotted the plot to the Hindu Panchayat in 2017 on which temple is now being built. The delay in the construction had been due to some formalities, including the site’s map approval by authorities.

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