Islami Jamhooriya Pakistan Aur Sood Ka Nizaam – Exclusive

To grace the slogan of ‘’La Illaha Illallah’’, our ancestors presented their sweat and blood. We didn’t ‘GET’ Pakistan, we ‘EARNED’it. Our country was built with a vision to have a state where all the institutions will be structured in the light of Islamic values.

But the question is, were we successful in achieving that? Whenever we will try to deceive ourselves saying that we were, the banking system of Pakistan will keep slapping us on our faces.
Our entire banking system is based on interest or ‘sood.’
Interest is considered as one of the unforgivable sins in Islam. Allah Almighty called it ‘war against Allah and His Prophet (SAWW)’ openly.

A war that was fought in the name of Islam did we forget it after winning it? Unfortunately, yes.
Through all these years, we have miserably to find an alternative. Just like most of the institutions, we have failed to Islamize banking system.

You must have come across this discussion countless times regarding ‘Islami Banking,’ but what exactly is the criticism on our banking system? How is it repugnant of Islamic rules? And what exactly is ‘sood’?

What our representative explain everything and educate yourself.


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