Fully covered in Hijab, who are these women protesting against sexual harassment in Peshawar?

They have vowed to expose the harassers.


Recently, the students of Islamia College University held a rally against harassment in their university. This protest aimed to bring the authorities’ attention to issues like harassment on campus, so immediate action is taken to stop this evil.

The groups of young students gathered at The Ahmad Faraz Block of the institute and marched towards the Vice-Chancellor’s office led by Jabir Khan of The Law Department Islamian Fraternity. During the rally, many students narrated how faculty members and fellow male students have harassed them.

Talking to a media outlet, a student explained the harassment and said:

My male peers pass inappropriate comments and block my way on the campus. On the other hand, my teachers harass students under the pretexts of checking during examination papers and research projects.

The students who participated in the protest stated:

We will try our level best to expose the people involved in harassing students. We will work for scaling up awareness against the practice and enabling the girl students to continue their studies.

Many students highlighted that the increasing incidents of harassment on the campus willed the institute’s authorities to form an anti-harassment committee. However, according to the students, action taken against complaints by this body was ineffective.

Matters escalated to a protest when the institute failed to address the students’ harassment complaints adequately. The victims of harassment initiated the protest and demanded that a focal and responsible person be appointed to lead the committee and take effective action.

Students of other universities also participated in the protest. These young people aim to continue their campaign with seminars and walks until a reliable anti-harassment committee is formed according to the law.

It is pertinent to mention that HEC’s ‘Policy Guidelines Against Sexual Harassment in Institutes of Higher Learning’ states that institutes must form three anti-harassment committees on campus in compliance with the ‘Protection Against Harassment of Women in the Workplace Act 2010 ‘. However, Islamia College University Peshawar is not listed among HEC recognized campuses.

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  • While they should be appreciated for fighting for their rights and I support them. But the picture also got me thinking about the standard of our education system, when University going students (males and females both), after studying English atleast from secondary school, cannot differentiate between plural and possessive nouns.
    girl’s = something belonging to a girl.
    girls = plural of girls
    girls’ = something belonging to Girls
    Girl’s walk = a single girl walking.
    Girls’ walk = multiple/group of girls walking.
    This thing is taught in second grade English in Pakistan

    • lol; I am surprised if that is your standard of judging competency levels. You are lost; over-impressed by English as a measure to check education standard

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