Islamophobic hate-crimes have increase by 593% in Britain after NZ mosque attacks – report

According to a recent report by hate-crime watch group Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) the crimes against Muslims have increased by 593% in Britain following the NZ mosque attacks. According to the said source, 95 incidents were reported between March 15th and the 21st, with 89% of those incidents containing direct references to the shooting in Christchurch – which means they were influenced by it.

Some of these attacks included direct verbal threats like “you need to be shot”, “you deserve it”, and “Muslims must die”. There were also a number of incidents reported where people showed hand gestures pretending to ‘shoot’ followed by making gun noises in jest. The report included incidents from places as diverse as Oxford, Southampton, and Colindale, north London.

Iman Atta, the director of Tell MAMA, said that despite claiming the values of acceptance, the West has a persistent ideology of hate that particularly targets the Muslims.

”This shows that some people see Muslims as fair game for hate and it is now clear that we have an ongoing and persistent ideology of hate that is generating a focus on Muslims. Muslims in New Zealand were killed and British Muslims feel the anger of bigots. It is perverse.” – she said. 

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In addition to the reports received by the rights group, a white supremacist also stabbed a teenager in Surrey and five mosques across Birmingham were attacked with a sledgehammer, leaving the people in fear. Tell MAMA alone has been receiving an average of 35 complaints per week, higher than ever before.

Mark Hamilton, the Assistant Chief Constable and national hate crime lead for the National Police Chiefs Council said that we should ‘unfortunately’ be prepared for how the attacks like the one in New Zealand can have an impact across Britain, giving rise to the hate.

”Experience tells us that we should sadly expect that a horrific attack such as the one in Christchurch will have an impact on levels of hostility in the UK but it will also increase the fear of crime in affected communities. No one should ever have to suffer hate crime and I would encourage all victims to report to the police.” – he said.

Those who have experienced a hate crime should report it immediately to the police (by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency), or report it online to the police at or to groups such as Tell MAMA.

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