Israeli Police Kills Palestinian Man on his Sister’s Wedding Day

A video on social media, reportedly taken by an eyewitness to the incident, shows an injured Ahmad lying on the ground.


Ahmed Erakat. (Courtesy)

Israeli force killed a Palestinian man at a checkpoint in the occupied West Bank on his sister’s wedding day on Tuesday.

The deceased was recognized as 27-year-old Ahmad Erakat, nephew of Saeb Erakat, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO).

Israeli police said that they killed the ‘suspect,’ who they say allegedly attempted to run over them with his car at a checkpoint in the Palestinian village of Abu Dis, east of Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers remove the body of Palestinian Ahmad Erakat, who was shot dead at a checkpoint in the West Bank. AFP

‘Shot him without even thinking.’

In Abu Dis, tons of family and friends gathered around the Erakats’ home to mourn his death.

According to his family, Ahmad himself was engaged and was set to marry his fiancée next month.

“Everyone here cannot believe it, people are in shock,” Emad Erakat, Ahmad’s cousin, said. “His sister Eman collapsed when she heard the news. She cannot speak, she’s in a state of total shock.”

“This was supposed to be the most joyful day of her life, but now it’s turned into her brother’s funeral,” she said.

Israeli forces check the scene of the shooting at a military checkpoint near the town of Abu Dis in the Israeli-occupied West Bank on June 23, 2020. REUTERS/Ammar Awad

Ahmad’s cousin Noura Erakat, a human rights attorney, shared her thoughts in a series of emotional tweets later on Tuesday. “You lie. You kill. You lie. This is my baby cousin,” she said to Israeli police.

‘They left him to die.’

A video on social media, reportedly taken by an eyewitness to the incident, shows an injured Ahmad lying on the ground, wrapped into a fetal position, with a stream of blood flowing from his body.

A soldier can be seen walking back and forth past Ahmad with her gun, while a line of Palestinian cars waiting to cross the checkpoint builds up behind his car. An eyewitness says, “they left him lying on the ground until he died.”

Reaction of Palestinians

Palestinian officials rejected the Israeli police’s account of Erekat’s death. The PLO Department of Public Diplomacy & Policy provided a statement on Twitter, expressing their grief and anger.

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