Israeli underwear brand becomes the first one to shoot campaign in the UAE

Models hold Israeli and Emirati flags during a photoshoot in the desert (Reuters)

An Israeli underwear brand has held a photoshoot in Dubai in what is thought to be the first such campaign since the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel normalized diplomatic ties last month. 

“Fix”, which is an undergarment and pajama label for young women, shot the launch of their Princess collection on Tuesday with Dubai-based Russian model Anastasia Bandarenka and Israeli model May Tager.

“I’m very excited to be the first Israeli model to shoot for an Israeli brand here,” Tager told Reuters, hailing it as a “historical moment of fashion and politics.”

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The model said that those with Israeli passports were not yet able to enter the UAE. However, she was able to fly out using a European passport.

Tel-Aviv based modeling agency Yuli Models celebrated the news on Instagram, posting: “History in the making. First Israeli campaign in Dubai starring our one and only May Tager.” 

“The moment we heard about the normalization agreement, we thought it would be the most exciting thing to film in Dubai,” Fix producer Noya Yohananoff said. 

Fix’s CEO Anat Bogner said that the underwear brand would be looking to expand out of Israel and open stores in the UAE because “the economy there is excellent.” 

The campaign will feature modest photos and, according to the company, will “be appropriate for the place” where it is being shot.

Israeli Intelligence Minister Eli Cohen has claimed annual trade between the UAE and Israel would reach $4bn in the next three to five years.

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Israeli carrier Israir said it had reserved slots for commercial flights from Tel Aviv to the UAE, while the heads of Israel’s two biggest banks are set to travel to the UAE later this month.

Palestinians have denounced the normalization deal, which they say violates a longstanding pan-Arab position that relations with Israel would only be normalized in exchange for a Palestinian state.

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  • They started business there with underwear as the first thing. There is message in this too for UAE from Israel.

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